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United Drone Technology offers customized drones for every budget and every situation.    These are the best the industry has to offer:  rugged, light, stable, long battery life.  UDT then adds the features most needed by your industry - great cameras (still, video, infrared), great lighting, smart hovering, target tracking, and a tether that can be deployed allowing the drone to stay in the air indefinitely.  Put all of these great features together with our best-in-class training and you have an unbeatable solution for anything that comes along. 

United Drone Technology takes all of the guess work and start-up time out of the process of aquiring the very best drones configured to your exact needs.  ​

Thinking about purchasing a drone for your First Responders?

Let United Drone Technology be your expert.  We provide the expertise you need to make the right decision for your team.



After meeting with you, we will:

Select a few basic drone models

Suggest features that best fit your needs today and tomorrow

Purchase and configure your drones

Train you and your staff on their use

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