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Feature Descriptions

Here's a list of some of the features available.  Although not every drone can support every feature, we will work with you to build the best drone for your needs.

Return To Home
Inspire 2 ReturnToHome.jpeg

The drone will map the outward flight and terrain, plot the most efficient path home, and return to home when called.

Obstacle Avoidance
Mavic Enterprise Dual.jpg

Drones can detect and avoid obstacles in their path.

Smart Tracking and Trajectory Prediction
mavic 2 four frame.jpeg

Many have the ability to identify a tracking target and follow it - even predicting its path when not in view.

Up to 20mp still, 5k and infrared video
Mavic 2 Enterprise IR.jpeg

The still and video capabilities are the most configurable part of the drone.  Get the level you need.

Spot and Flood Lights
Mavic 2 Enterprise Floodlight.jpg
Payload Bearing
Matrice delivery dji.jpeg

Whether delivering life-saving medical equipment or pizzas to your remote team, the payload option will come in handy.

Powerful Speakers
Mavic 2 Enterprise Speaker.jpg

From relaying information from your base to teams in the field to dispursing undesirable crowds, our range of speakers can handle a variety of situations.

Tether still 2.jpeg

Using up to 250' of line, a tethered drone can remain in flight indefinitely.  Add a spot or flood light and night time incidents are lit and monitored for as long as needed.

Spot and flood lights that can turn night into day.  Drones with these lights can remain in-air indefinitely when tethered.

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