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The aerial view that our drones provide are invaluable for determining the scope and breadth of a large-scale incident.

This flood can be monitored from a fixed position for as long as necessary using our 250 foot tether.


Fires can travel very fast and be deceptive in their scope.  Maintaining a constant view of the situation gives first responders a distinct advantage.



Large scale events such as marathons or parades can be monitored real-time, day or night.  And if there is something that appears to be suspicious, zoom in or go lower to perfectly assess the situation.



Fairs and other crowded events are opportunities for less-than-stellar behavior.  With our drones you have the tools at the tip of your fingers to monitor it as closely as necessary.

Using UDT's exclusive configuration on a DJI Matrice 600, your response ability increases to 24/7.

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